For 86 years the legends of copywriting have used this man's amazing
money-making secrets to acquire vast fortunes, isn't it time you joined them?

"It's Never Been Easier (or Cheaper) to
Discover Marketing Strategies that Can Make You Rich
From a Man Who Taught Now-Wealthy Marketers --
Announcing the Audiobook
Everything You Need to Know from Claude Hopkins' Scientific Advertising
Improved with New Examples of How Hopkins Created Marketing Miracles"

From the desk of Anne Emerick

Dear Marketer,

At the heart of marketing is the ability to attract customers, to persuade them to take action. When you write a blog post, a resource box, a sales page, you need to get people's attention. You need to get people excited about your product - so excited they take action and you earn money!

Marketing is important in everything we do online. But here's the problem - not everyone has the time and money to go learn how to sell. The fact is with bills to pay, a family, household responsibilities.... you are juggling a lot already.

You know you could earn more if you were better at selling

But WHO has the time to learn?!

Well guess what?

Now you don't have to find time.

Start selling more, even if you don't have time to read one more ebook or watch one more video.

You can listen to Everything You Need to Know from Claude Hopkins' Scientific Advertising while you drive to work, exercise, whenever is convenient...

and discover

  • how to name your product so it will sell itself
  • why a sample can be your best sales force
  • common mistakes that can ruin a free sample offer and how to avoid them
  • the most important element in a headline (and it isn't using a magic word or phrase)
  • the reason winning copywriters recommend long copy and when it's okay to go with something shorter
  • why Claude Hopkins could sell products when others couldn't and have customers asking for more
  • how to quickly convert a skeptic into a believer
  • a proven method to avoid wasting money on advertising that doesn't work
  • shortcuts to getting your product distributed nationally
  • techniques used by successful people the world over and how you can know if they'll work for your business
  • how human psychology can make or break a sale
Don't take my word that Claude Hopkins can teach you how to make A LOT of money...

I have heard that Jay Abraham has read Scientific Advertising about 50 to 60 times.

John Carlton tells the story that, when he first wrote copy for Jay, Jay had a rule that any copywriter working for him had to have read the book at least 8 times.

(which, incidentally, Carlton had already done)

"Nobody, at any level, should be allowed to have anything to do with advertising until he has read this book seven times. It changed the course of my life."

-- David Ogilvy

Why this recording of Scientific Advertising?

This 102-minute audio edition of this copywriting classic is abridged and modernized with a brand-new introduction. New examples demonstrate Claude Hopkins' revolutionary approach to selling and will help you think outside the box. See for yourself, click on the play button to hear part of the introduction.

Everything You Need to Know from Claude Hopkins Scientific Advertising is a high-quality recording - no static on this one! But that's not all.

Get this recording of Scientific Advertising today and

  • SAVE TIME by getting an updated, improved version -- SOME of Hopkins advice in 1923 no longer applies today -- I took that part out

  • Enjoy listening to this powerful advice - you're going to love John Merriam's conversational reading

  • Be able to listen to any of Hopkins' tips any time you want-- each chapter is a separate track labelled by both chapter number and title

  • Get an amazing bonus, but more on that later

  • Listen to this on any CD player, iPod, computer, etc. Product comes with simple instructions for putting the recording on YOUR favorite audio device. Fits on 2 regular CD's.

  • Hear real-life examples of Hopkins' methods that were not included in the original Scientific Advertising book
Risk Free -- My No-Hassle Guarantee

Still not convinced? Your purchase is risk-free. If you aren't 100% satisfied, contact me any time in the next 90 days, and I'll refund your money, no hassles. It's that simple.

Who am I and Why Should You Believe Me?

I'm a self-published children's book author.

Scientific Advertising was like a instant idea generator for me, inspiring a free book offer that brought a review on the School Library Journal website -- unthinkable for a first-time, self-published author -- just a sample of what you can achieve using Hopkins' powerful techniques.

The best part is Hopkins advice can be applied to marketing ANY kind of product or service!

I asked other folks for some feedback and here's what they said:

Hi Anne,

As someone that does not take to reading William Shakespeare-esque old world type of english, having Scientific Advertising in MP3 form loaded on my iPod means I can just listen to it whenever I want, wherever I am at my convenience.

Your 15-minute introduction really helped to set the tone of how Claude Hopkins arrived at being the marketer that he came to be and why his insight from when he first started his career is still considered to be gospel for anyone marketing anything in today's times.

Bottom Line: You did a great job with making Claude Hopkins "Scientific Advertising" accessible to today's 21st century internet marketers!


Justin Mandel

Hi Anne,

I spent the weekend listening to your Claude Hopkins mp3s. I'm very impressed!

You've distilled the cream of the original into easily absorbed, bite-sized chunks of wisdom.

It's still astonishing to be reminded how so many currently accepted truths of marketing can trace their first airing all the way back to this classic work. Many of these selections, such as the one on the psychology of sales, should be engraved into the minds of all aspiring marketers. Now I can mix and match my personal favorites from the collection, burn them onto a CD and listen as I drive. Great job!

And the bonus "Tested Sentences That Sell" you included is really fascinating. I must admit I hadn't seen many of these before, so this gem of a collection has supplied me with several ideas I can't wait to adapt for my own use (and quotes to casually drop into marketing conversations). I would cheerfully have bought this bonus as a separate product. Many thanks!

At the price you're asking, this package is a stone-cold, no-brainer bargain. I have no hesitation in whole-heartedly recommending it.

Frank Donovan

Claude Hopkins "Scientific Advertising" should be required reading for anyone thinking about getting into marketing or even business of any kind.

There's no better way access the info you need than an easy-to-listen-to and informative audio series – and Anne's done a great job at creating just that.

This product is really well put together and is almost better than the original book… not to mention it's a steal at this price.

This is definitely something I'll be keeping around!

Justin Michie

But WAIT until you hear about the BONUS!

I loved how much Scientific Advertising had improved my sales and wanted to learn AND EARN even more! People kept talking about Elmer Wheeler's Tested Sentences that Sell. It's public-domain (not copyright protected) and sold in PDF format online for $19.95 or as paperback on Amazon for $24.95. I've put the text into two formats for you:

  1. A Microsoft Word (.doc) document.... EASILY edit this into your very own ebook or special report
  2. A plain text (.txt) file, so that you could just cut and paste marketing nuggets into a blog or article

But there's even more

Grant Freeman created a high-definition editable ebook cover for this bonus that is yours to use. So you can use the graphics for Tested Sentences that Sell (smallest version shown above), to sell that ebook online. You can also use his Ebook Cover Action to edit any text, change colors, background, even add image effects, etc to your liking. The editable ebook cover does require Photoshop 7, CS2 or CS3 to perform the editing. Comes with a helpful PDF guide if you happen to be new with Photoshop. Just DON'T RESELL this graphics' editable graphic ability... Use it to create YOUR custom cover only, though you may use that cover to sell ANY report, ebook, special guide.

What's this mean to you?


Get the bonus ebook, Tested Sentences that Sell with editable ebook cover and:

  • Cut and paste, add your comments and EASILY create dozens of original articles on marketing and sales
  • Generate blog entries... Start earning Adsense or affiliate revenue today
  • Save the expense of hiring a graphic illustrator for your own ebook cover, yet get this great look!

Act Fast, Discover How to Sell More Now with Zero-Risk with my 90-Day Guarantee

To Your Success,

P.S. - I want to make it clear that Everything You Need to Know from Claude Hopkins' Scientific Advertising is NOT a Get-Rich-Quick scheme. It is NOT a step-by-step connect-the-dots plan.

IT IS a goldmine of ideas of how to make people aware of your product and want to buy it. No matter what your current level of success is, you can make more money with less stress by hearing and following Claude Hopkins' words of wisdom. As I said at the start, it's never been easier or cheaper to discover these marketing strategies, so grab your copy now!

P.P.S - I'm told folks like to know the person behind an offer. Here is a picture of me with Jiminy Cricket, best known for the line, "Always let your conscience be your guide." I believe in this motto and stand behind any product I sell 100%. Get your copy today and if you are not happy, contact me in 90 days and I'll promptly return your money.